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We Are Follow-Up.

We know your industry and nurture your sales prospects with the consistency and persistence that your sales team can't.

Let Your Sales Team Be a Sales Team.

When your sales team doesn't have to be tasked with follow-up activities, they can do what they do best.


(Hint: it's not customer follow-up)

Direct To Your Inbox

Prospect responses go directly to your inbox.  It's as if there's another you; one that's focused purely on follow-up.

Industry Versatility

Our writers specialize in dozens of industries and know your lingo.  We sound like you because we talk like you.

Layered Channels

We use customized channel combinations to reach your customers at the right time.

Prospects Think You

We nurture your prospect to build trust, so they think of you when the time is right.

It's not marketing.  It's human.

Our goal isn't to generate insightful marketing content - that's a function of marketing to educate and a sales function to reply.  Instead, we imitate a responsible salesperson that is patient, persistent and consistent with their follow-up and who can trigger responses from the customer which your salesperson will handle.


Unlike a typical salesperson who goes for the kill every touch with "are we there yet, are we there yet?", our automation walks prospects down the hallway of opportunities with the doors just cracked to peek inside.

At its best, it functions by offering ideas, thoughts, reaction, discussion, evaluation... and more.

The end of the hallway is a purchase but the method to get there is more robust, nuanced and doesn't force your prospect into a binary decision or risk burning a bridge.

Straight To The Numbers


Years of Experience


Ave Response Rate


Ave Increased Pipeline





A Few Quotes

"LaunchX revitalized hundreds of deals we thought were lost and 2021 was our best year to date."

"Our sales team simply doesn't have 30 hours in a day.  Partnering has been monumental for our growth."

"LaunchX delivered value far beyond sale figures.  They're a part of our team."

"Before partnering with LaunchX, we looked at follow-up as just another aspect of sales."

Ready to convert your churned customers and re-engage your ghosted leads?

Let us show you what we've done.

Let's Connect

44330 Mercure Circle, Suite 8. 

Sterling, VA 20166

+1 888-403-0433

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